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South Light Studio in Marietta, Georgia, custom designs stained glass and liturgical furnishings for churches and synagogues.
Stained glass window

Stained glass windows:
The Transfiguration of Jesus

Transfiguration window, with detail (below) at Transfiguration Catholic Church, Marietta, Georgia

Smiling gently, the face of Christ is the least dense glass in the panel, so that, at the evening Mass, Jesus literally “shines like the sun” (Matthew 17:1-7). Instead of using enamels, which block light, lines and forms are indicated with fused glass, which paints with light. Thin fractures and glass threads disperse the light in a shimmering swirl around the transfigured Christ.

Photos by Deloye Burrell

Best of Show in Modern Liturgy 1995–1996 Visual Arts Awards, Stained Glass Category

stained glass window, detail